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Cocaine Rehab

Around the turn of the millennium, the cocaine epidemic seemed to hit its peak, although as time went on the problem still persisted in the country and all over the world as well. Laws were reinforced to minimize distributions but evil things always find a way through. Thus there is still a strong need for treatment for those who suffer with addiction to cocaine. Help is available for those in need and are willing to try.

Cocaine rehab is a place where the individual can find the help to overcome the psychological cravings and physical addiction to this sometimes deadly drug. We work with the addicted individual through group, private and peer group counseling , education on the disease of addiction, and a continuum of care that we have found is crucial to long term recovery.

A couple of the telltale signs of cocaine addiction are: restlessness, irrational behavior and mood swings, paranoia, and loss of appetite or sudden weight loss. These are some of the more evident symptoms. Longer term use can cause violent outbursts, complete alienation from friends and family, job losses and even financial failure. Although cocaine was once looked upon as just a “good time party drug”,  the affects it has had on countless lives is hardly a “good time”. As time went on, studies began to show the true HORRORS of cocaine: heart disease and even heart failure, liver problems and many other severe health conditions that are difficult to treat.